How Arıkovanı Projects Help The Children of Tomorrow

Children always have the most creative ideas. You have noticed that babies constantly observe their surroundings, trying to listen, feel and experiment them. As they grow, every new discovery makes them even more excited. Improving this innate sense of curiosity and discovery by supporting them with the right approaches is very important for the future of the child and the world.

Creating new ideas and concepts includes mental and social process. In this process, children develop their creativity by playing imaginary games to solve problems. At this stage, the support and encouragement of family and society is very important for children to produce original ideas and feel free.

In Arıkovanı, there are many useful projects for children to develop their creative side. These projects are designed and implemented by people who know our problems and know our needs and support new technologies.

These projects generally focus on the idea of ​​how we can make the processes that we will experience easier and more enjoyable while growing up with a child, rather than preventing the use of technological devices around them, and shaping them to support their development and learning. Let’s take a look at some of great examples of Arıkovanı projects designed specifically for children and their well being.

Zulu Kds – Next Generation Parental Control Device

Zulu Kds, without using the Zulu Portal mobile app, is merely an Access Point. Elegantly designed and being hand-sized, you can put it near you modem in house, and after plugging it into modem and power supply, you can start use it and via our completely free Zulu Portal mobile app you can control it.

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Tolkido – Talking Flash Cards for Autism

Tolkido is a system that makes personalized and playable visual education cards that autistic children use in language and speech training. The system consists of a stuffed toys and cards. The images on the Tolkido cards are prepared and glued by the family or teacher. The sound recordings contained in the cards are recorded by the computer , preferably using the voices of the teachers of a family member.

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Twin – Science Kit for Kids

Twin is a robotics kit that will improve your child’s creativity in an enjoyable and instructive way. The kit contains 25 magnetically connected modules and 25 sample experiments. It also includes a narrative booklet containing 25 sample illustrations. After discovering Twin, the user can create an infinite number of projects using their creativity.

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Smart Bug Robotic Educational Kit

Smart Bug, the beautifully designed, bug-shaped robotic educational kit that is aiming to revolutionize the way children learn about coding, robotics and electronics. It is created and designed with the purpose to be used in coding, robotics, electronic and do-it-yourself training projects in private and public schools, private courses and workshops within the scope of STEM training program.

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Lella Kids – Kids Video Platform Approved by Psychologists

Developed to protect children and their psychology from watching explicit videos, Lella Kids is a psychologist-approved child video app. Filtering objectionable content protects your children from videos that contain violence and sexuality. The Lella Kids app, approved by psychologists for children between the ages of 2 and 7, allows parents to keep track of what their children watch and to provide a safe platform for them.

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Alya 3D Printer

Alya 3D printer is designed to help children develop their creativity by creating their own fun and healthy toys. In the production of Alya, PLA material which is soluble in nature and sensitive to environmental pollution is preferred. PLA is obtained from starch-like plants such as corn, wheat and sugar cane. Thus it does not harm your children’s health.

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Bulut Board – Coding Kit for Children

Built on an open-source software and hardware platform, Bulut Board aims to provide kids with better and more interesting coding and electronic learning experience. Children don’t need any coding knowledge in order to use the learning kit. Bulut Board is a coding and electronic educational kit that contains many application modules such as light, temperature, microphone, distance, graphic display, Bluetooth etc. which affect all the senses of children. The kit allows the children to do funny applications by allowing them to interplay the modules with each other on the Bulut Board.

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BabyAcademy – Child Development Support Mobile Application

BabyAcademy is a mobile application that provides child development support for parents, with specially prepared expert opinions and games, to create a right gender perception in preschool period. Prepared to support the development of children aged 0-5; it offers games that support the child’s development through informative content about social role models and gender equality.

BabyAcademy is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Arikovani. However, it expects feedbacks from potential users before raising funds.

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