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Hack Your Metabolism And Lose Weight With A Single Breath

You have practiced lots of different diet and maybe you have even worked out well to reach your ideal weight. But somehow you couldn’t. Where’s the problem? And more importantly, what is the solution?

The solution is simple: to recognize your own body and to understand how it functions. The calories you get, the energy you spend, the oil you burn. In short, to control your metabolism.

So how do I control this? Do I have to go to a doctor every month and go through dozens of tests? This means a lot of money and time. Fortunately, technology advanced enough.

There’s a device that does it all for you. The device that understands everything your body does ​​from your single breath. Are you burning fat or carbohydrate? Just breathe into Lumen to learn. How so? Just like this:

Isn’t it amazing? You can reach everything you need by blowing a device other than going to a laboratory and go through clinical tests.

Lumen’s job is not just to measure your metabolism, of course. After analyzing your breath, it’ll answer your questions about what diet you will apply to reach your goal or what you should eat before/after the workout through its mobile app.

The interest and demand for the device also is high. Lumen’s creators got good deal of investment money before but they didn’t stop there. They also made a rapid entry into crowdfunding. They were able to raise over $1.7 million in from their crowdfunding campaign.

Thousands of people who would like to gain or lose weight in a healthy way, loved to pay $250 for Lumen. When it comes to health and beauty (and such a successful and innovative product) only a few people mind spending money.

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