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GridShare Brings Crowdfunding to Renewable Energy Projects and Cleantech Companies

In the past years, the topic of renewable and clean energy has been widely discussed by world leaders, organizations, and citizens. It is clear that only discussions will not move forward the process of making green energy more accessible. The time for serious and consistent actions has come and crowdfunding seems as one of the most effective alternatives to bring real results.

The newly-established platform GridShare allows investors to support alternative energy projects in exchange for company shares. The platform accepts renewable and clean energy projects from around the world without to limit the choice of the investors, who have the chance to evaluate many different investment opportunities from the green and cleantech sectors.

The independent online funding platform GridShare offers three different types of investment to the potential investors – equity, debt, and donations. Both, raising money for renewable projects and cleantech companies and investing in them on GridShare, is very simple. While it is totally free to browse published projects and to invest, there is a listing fee that applies to issuers. Currently, there are four listed projects on the platform.

Not long ago, the opportunity to support and invest in clean energy projects was available only to registered investors and large financial institutions, now, owing to GridShare, ambitious initiatives in the sector can rely on everyone’s support.

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