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Green Crowdfunding: The Ultimate Solar Charger SOUL Solar Scroll

Taking long trips in nature are adventurous and fulfilling. The beautiful sceneries around you are just so breathtaking you can’t wait to find the perfect spot to capture the beauty in a mesmerizing photo. But then you take out your camera just to figure out that the battery is drained. This can be very disappointing, right?

Packing up a power bank is a great way to avoid such situations. But the power of the power bank is also limited and not sustainable. There should be a better way to charge your devices while traveling! SOUL Solar Scroll addresses the problem directly and offers a powerful and sustainable solution.

The Ultimate Solar Charger SOUL Solar Scroll

SOUL Solar Scroll is a powerful and compact charging device that allows you to unleash the power of the sun so you can charge your devices. The device is equipped with a flexible solar panel that is durable, reliable and advanced. You are able to charge the Scroll by simply unrolling the panel and letting it get powered by the sunlight. You are even able to clip the Scroll onto your backpack and let it charge while you are on the go.

There is also a USB charging outlet in case you want to charge your Scroll the traditional way.

SOUL Solar Scroll is powerful enough to charge cellphone one or two times, wireless headphones 10 times, tablet up to one time, Go Pro 4-5 times, Macbook pro 1/3 of the charge, and more. It is a great way to make sure that your electronics are powered while camping, hiking, boating, or while on the beach.

A Crowdfunding Journey

The founders of SOUL Solar Scroll run a crowdfunding campaign to raise $30,000 USD. 10 days before the end of the campaign, the project has already been overfunded as so far 509 backers pledged $66,248 USD.

For a pledge of $115 USD or more, the backers are able to get the early bird Solar Scroll. To this point, 180 backers have pledged this perk. The estimated delivery date is November 2018.

What do you think about this device that makes it possible to charge your devices on the go by channeling the power of the sun?

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