Hints For Crowdfunding

Great Tips For Writing A Compelling Crowdfunding Pitch

Presentation is everything. The same goes for both cooking or marketing a product/service/idea. Now that we’re talking about the latter here, let’s take a look at what we need to pay attention to when preparing a compelling crowfunding campaign.

You have a great idea. Maybe you’ve turned it into a prototype, and you need money to make it real. Now that you are here, you will do this through crowfunding.

First all you need to prepare a campaign page for this. So how will you do it? Will you count all the features of your product and expect people to raise money? Of course not. We said the presentation was everything. It is what make or brake your whole campaign.

Assume you made a really delicious meal. Who would eat it unless it also looks delicious? The same goes for crowdfunding.

Then, before you start cooking, start with the following steps:

1. Don’t Leave Any Questions Unanswered

People always look at its brand before buying a product. So show your brand first.

Who are you: Provide brief information about yourself and your team.

What do you raise money for: Write down a short introduction about your project before you go down to details.

When will the campaign begin and end: Clearly state the timeline of your campaign. When will you start the campaign, when will you finish, if you reach the goal early, clearly specify what you will do in the second stage.

2. Write an Impressive Title and Short Description

The first place where people look at your campaign page is the title and description. In the title, the product name must pass. In the description section, you should definitely mention the features and benefits you want to highlight. Those who read the title and brief description should be able to get a good deal of idea about your campaign.

3. Tell a Story

If your campaign page is similar to the product description pages on technology sites, you are on the wrong track. Instead, adopt a story approach.

Which idea led you to develop this product? By whom are you inspired? Why did you prefer crowdfunding? Why do people support you? What will you do if the campaign is successfully funded?

The more you answer these questions, the more people will trust you. And people make the most purchases from people they trust.

4. Use striking Facts and Data To Support Your Product

No matter how much you believe in your product, as long as people do not realize its importance, you will be disappointed. In order not to feel disappointed, support your product with data.

For example, if you are producing recyclable coffee cups, tell us how many tons of plastic waste occur per year, and how they damage to the environment. Or if you have developed an smart security system, talk about how many more percent of your product is safe than traditional systems, or how many burglary cases occur per year.

5. Divide Your Story into Parts

You can think of telling your story with very accurate expressions and impressive phrases. But the shape is more important.

People would prefer to read a fragmented piece of text with subheadings and picturesother than a piece of text that is made up of straight lines.

Do it this way, and format your story neatly with different fonts, styles, graphics and visuals.

6. Keep it simple

There can be a lot you want to tell. Your campaign page may be long if necessary, but you do not have to write an epic. You really talk about things people should know. Do not try to enrich your story with fancy words, you will detach people from yourself. If you want to look more convincing, adopt a simpler language and a simpler design.

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