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GoSun Go – The Portable Cooker Powered by Solar Energy

Cooking with solar power has been a growing trend. As an eco-friendly and cleaner alternative for outdoor cooking, the demand grows and more and more solar-powered cookers are emerging on the market. And many of the creators turn to crowdfunding to fund their projects. GoSun Go is one of these projects.

GoSun Go is a portable cooker that is powered by solar energy that allows you to boil water and cook meals with solar power even when the weather is cloudy. GoSun Go has a 420 ml capacity, which is enough for one whole meal or many snacks. It heats up to 260 degrees Celsius, which allows you to steam, bake or roast your meal.

GoSun Go is used not only to cook meals but also to heat water, allowing you to have a hot cup of coffee or a nice tea whenever you are. It has 400 ml liquid capacity and needs up to 30 minutes to heat up the water.

GoSun Go comes in a very sleek and durable case, which weighs only .9 kg, allowing you to effortlessly take it anywhere.

Patrick Sherwin run a Kickstarter campaign to raise money and bring its GoSun Go project to life. The campaign was a huge success – 2,683 backers pledged $349,519 USD. For a pledge of $85 USD or more, the backers were able to get Early Bird: GoSun Go Package, which includes everything needed to fuel your adventure: GoSun Go, Cleaning Brush, Cook Booklet and User Manual.

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