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Google’s Street View Cars Will Map The World’s Air Quality

Google is introducing a highly innovative approach against air pollution. This new system will work in harmony with smart watches. When you open Google Maps from your smart watches, you’ll be able to reach your current location as well as air pollution information about your surroundings. You will also have access to road maps where air pollution is less.

Although this system is still in operation, it is known that Google vehicles roam the streets in order to build weather maps. Moreover, these trips are quite comprehensive. Google measures air quality at an extreme local level. The system contains streets and even individual blocks. This technology seems to offer more detailed information than air quality monitoring stations do. it will show time.

Air Pollution Information Gathering

Google vehicles collecting air pollution information from wherever they go works like this: They collect air samples from the suction pipes on the front bumper of vehicles. These samples are also filtered into the analysis unit in the trunk. This data is then analyzed and integrated into a detailed map.

This system, called Project Air View, also coincides with Google’s mission to help organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible. It has been revealed by several studies that people living in areas with higher air pollution have more health problems. This move of Google seems to be of benefit to making certain determinations on public health.

Air pollution is a very important problem for all of us and will continue to cause distress in the coming period. We will see the impact of this new technology from Google in the future.

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