Freepark Personal, The Smart Parking Barrier, is Now Available for Pre-Orders

Freepark Personal helps you to prevent unwelcome guests to occupy your personal parking lot. The product, which is currently available for pre-orders on Arikovani, is aiming to raise 200.000 TRY via its crowdfunding campaign.

Initially, Freepark Smart Parking Barrier was created to avoid the occupation of handicapped parking spots in shopping centers and still serves this purpose. But after people saw how great of a use the smart barrier has, the demand for personal smart barriers occurred, which led to the creation of Freepark Personal.

The Freepark Personal is being launched as a smart parking bar that works in conjunction with a smartphone application. Thanks to the sensors on the intelligent barrier that recognizes the car, it automatically closes when you leave the parking lot.

How Does It Work?

Freepark doesn’t need electricity or Internet connection to work. Freepark Personal app communicates with your smart barrier via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, if your Bluetooth is off, the app will warn you to turn it on. Now, you can control your barrier with only one click.

You can see all notifications from the mobile app, such as battery status, whether the barrier is on or off. You can also authorize other people of your choice to use your barrier through the application.

The built-in battery of the barrier can be used for three months and once it is empty takes up to 8 hours to charge after.

Freepark Personal is now available for pre-orders on Arikovani at a special price of 1.150 TRY for early birds. You are able to support the project with different amounts of pledges as well.

Visit the project’s crowdfunding page here.

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