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FrankOne: The First One-Touch Specialty Coffee Brewer

There are dozens of methods when making a cup of coffee. French-press, cold-brew, multiple infusion, IoT-assisted and so on. Now it’s time to add another one to that list: Meet FrankOne: powered by electric vacuum technology and one touch coffee maker.

FrankOne comes from Colombia, one of the first countries to come to mind when it comes to coffee. But its brewing method is not first thing come to mind. The electric device uses “vacuum extraction technology” to make coffee.

Just add some coffee and pour hot water in the bowl at the top of the device. Wait a few minutes, press the button on the top and after 30 seconds you are ready taste your espresso-like coffee.

By applying negative pressure FrankOne creates a vacuum in the chamber to pull the water through the grinds into the vessel. As crema (which makes coffee more bitter) remains stuck in the top, you get a softer and more tasty flavour.

You can take a look at the demo video below, showing how FrankOne works.

FrankOne’s developer Eduardo Umana has launched a crowdfunding campaign to turn his idea into reality.
He set a funding goal for $ 120,000, has raised more than $ 30,000 in the first few days. The campaign has 28 days to go, and FrankOne will probably go much ahead of this amount.

You can visit the crowdfunding page for detailed information about this innovative coffee machine.

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