FrameX Uses 3D Printing and AI to Create The Best Eyewear For You

Finding the right pair of glasses that matches perfectly the shape of your face and is at the same time comfortable sometimes seems like mission impossible. But FrameX Eyewear comes to the rescue by producing the lightest eyewear, specifically designed for your face, using 3D technology and AI.

Existing spectacle production methods are inadequate in terms of personalization and custom manufacturing. Despite the fact that we all have our unique faces, spectacle models are available in just a few different dimensions.

FrameX Eyewear is here to solve this problem by offering a personalized production method with the use of professional 3D printing technology. The process is as follows: after the design of the frames is approved, they are produced with laser sintering technology. Once the frames are produced, they are colored in the chosen by the customer color.

How Is the 3D Dimensioning Done?

FrameX Eyewear uses 3D scanning technology to get the 3D model of the user’s face. Customers, who place their orders online, are able to upload the photos of their faces.  After the measurements are done, the customers can choose the frames from the available catalog or use the AI algorithm to choose the unique design that fits perfectly.

The Start of FrameX Eyewear Crowdfunding Journey!

FrameX Eyewear is entering the crowdfunding scene with Arikovani. The campaign is currently at a preparation phase and awaits your feedback. Once the campaign officially launches, the project will be aiming to raise 75,000 TRY.

To learn more about the project, visit its crowdfunding page here.

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