Four Energy Saving Projects to Help You Save Money and Live Greener

Saving energy at home goes far beyond turning off the lights when you leave the room. Nowadays, there are many products, available at affordable prices that allow you to conserve energy.

From living more ecologically conscious lives to saving some cash on the bills – the reasons for embracing energy saving gadgets are many. The outcome is a greater demand for such products. With the growing demand comes and the growing supply.

Crowdfunding makes it possible for the inventors and entrepreneurs to take their innovative projects to market by raising money through the crowds.

Check out these four energy saving devices and green technologies that will save you money in the long run and will help you make your homes more energy efficient and your lives much eco-friendly.

The Light Bulb Reinvented – LIFX

LIFX is a new generation energy efficient light bulb that can be controlled with your smartphone. It is the coolest wifi-enabled multi-colored bulb that lasts up to 25 years and reduces your energy costs. This environmentally-friendly LED bulb got the interest of 9,236 backers who pledged $1,314,542 to help bring this project to life.

Revolutionary Way to Power Your Appliances – Solar Curtain

The Solar Curtain is an alternative source of energy as it turns the sun rays into electricity and stores the produced electricity in a battery. It is the perfect solution for homes, offices, hotels, basically any place with windows.

The working principle of the Solar Curtain is quite simple: the generated electricity is stored in the battery and through the inverter, it is converted to the level of the grid system of your home.

One 4 square meter Solar Curtain can produce 1.4 KWh of energy, which can power your refrigerator for 14 hours, your television set for 28 hours and 5 electricity bulbs for 42 hours.

The Solar Curtain is currently at a crowdfunding preparation phase on Arikovani. Once the campaign gets viral, the project is aiming to raise 50,000 TRY.

The Smart Room Thermostat – MikKo Control

MikKo’s smart room thermostat works as a climate control system that allows you to program the temperature of each room independently with available hourly scheduling. Most standard room thermostats provide savings ratio of 30%, MikKo takes your savings up to 60%.

With its 9 control modules, MikKo allows you to add temperature control modules to all your rooms and control the settings and make adjustments through your smartphone.

The project is currently in a crowdfunding preparation phase on Arikovani. Once the campaign gets viral, MikKo Control is aiming to raise 100,000 TRY.

Re-think the Power of Energy – Orison

Orison is the first home battery system that allows you to store electricity when the rates are low and to power your appliances with the stored electricity when the rates are high. Orison gives you the power to control energy and helps you reduce your electricity bill. This project was brought to life by the support of 415 backers pledged $349,474 USD.

The energy-efficient living is allowing us to live greener, more comfortable and efficient lives. Let’s give it a go!

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