FlaX 3D Filament Extruder Allows You to Set Up Your Own 3D Printer Workshop

3D printers are one of today’s most exciting and entertaining technologies. Thanks to the available on the market 3D printers for professional and hobby purposes we are able to unleash our creativity and print almost everything that we can imagine. But in order to bring our ideas to life first, we need the raw materials then a tool to make this raw material into reality. FlaX 3D Filament Extruder is doing exactly that!

FlaX stands out with its remarkably compact and practical structure. Working with the device is so easy it makes it possible to produce your own filament even on your desk.

FlaX does the job all by itself – you just need to put the raw material, make the adjustments you want and press the on key.

Eco-friendly and Economical

FlaX, which is designed with recycling focus and can print filament from ABS, PLA, PP etc, can produce filament from raw materials which can be found in plastic or granular form in all kinds of scrap plastic. This includes household waste such as plastic bottles and plastic plates.

This allows you to protect the environment and reduce costs to the minimum.

The machine has a production capacity of 1 kg filament per hour and can operate continuously for 72 hours. It also saves you from waiting for cargo, allowing you to spend more time on your projects and finish your business in time. What do you think?

FlaX is looking for funding in order to enter the market. The project owners, who are preparing to enter the crowdfunding space via Arikovani, are waiting for the feedback, suggestions, and comments of potential customers before they get pre-orders.

To learn more about the project, visit their crowdfunding page here.

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