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Filter-Free Air Purifier Luft Qi Surpasses Its Crowdfunding Goal

Caring about our homes goes far beyond furnishing them with comfortable pieces and keeping the space clean – caring about the quality of the air inside the home, has become a number one priority for many people. No wonder the demand for air purifiers has grown throughout the recent years, encouraging inventors and manufacturers to improve the quality of the air purifying devices they put on the market.

Air purifiers eliminate from the living space the negative effects that dust, pollen, mold, even second-hand tobacco smoke, and many other air contaminations have on our overall health. But air purifiers of low quality don’t always do the perfect job, not to mention how noisy they can be (if you’ve seen Friends’ episode “The one where Ross moves in” you will know exactly what we are talking about).

One company, however, has created a product that takes air purifying technology to a whole new level – Luft Qi is not just quiet, very small in size and filter-less, but also uses advanced photocatalysis nanotechnology, making it a powerful destroyer of all air-born pollutions.

The Advantages

The advantages that Luft Qi has over other air purifiers are many – as mentioned above, it is very quiet – the noise level is under 25db; it is very small – has a soda can size and weights only 5.6 oz; it is filter-less and hassle-free to use – no need to spend extra money on filters; it is energy efficient – the device is powered by USB.

But the biggest advantage that Luft Qi has is the fact that it completely destroys the mold, airborne bacteria and chemicals, not like other air purifiers that just trap the pollutants.

Luft Qi has been created by the Taiwanese company Titus & Wayne and is currently raising money via crowdfunding. Up to this date, there are 18 days left until the end of the campaign, but the project has been already 445% overfunded. So far 828 backers have raised $111,229 USD, surpassing the initial flexible goal of $25,000 USD.

Here you are able to get you Luft Qi at your choice of color at a price $109 USD + shipping.

Cover Photo Credit: Indiegogo

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