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EyeDrive: Holographic Car Assistant To Keep Your Eyes On The Road

According to the studies, every time you take a look at your phone while driving, you leave your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. EyeDrive holographic car assistant lets you take advantage of in-car information systems without having to take your eyes off the road.

With EyeDrive, hologram takes the place of traditional infotainment screens. You can follow and control in-car systems such as GPS, incoming calls and music, via holographic screen instead of physical one. So your eyes always stays on the road. Take a look at it in action below.

The company says the holographic display with 4000 nits is 10 times brighter and sharper than its competitors. It also has auto brightness control, so it will work the same at any time of the day.

The vehicle assistant, compatible with Android and iOS devices, can be managed with voice commands. Best of all, you can use hand gestures to answer calls, control your music, or access the backup camera.

The backup camera works with a removable battery to avoid the ease of use. The camera is connected wirelessly to the EyeDrive device. Thus, you do not need to drill holes or wiring in your car.

Offered to users through a crowdfunding campaign, the EyeDrive has a pre-order price of $ 199 special for first backers. The delivery date is March 2019.

For more detailed information about the project, you can visit its crowdfunding page here.

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