Evana: Meet Your Smart Radiator Valve

With the winter knocking on our door, heating has become one of our most important needs. The heating systems used by many of us to warm up at home can not provide adequate heating if used properly and can be financially harmful. The Smart Radiator Valve Evana can provide maximum efficiency of your heating system.

According to statistics, %75 of people forgot to close heating when they aren’t home or they don’t need heating. It may be considered normal considering that it is necessary to open and close the valves continuously in order to adjust the temperature to the desired level. But it is not easy to manually set the ideal room temperature.

Evana the smart radiator valve allows you to set all the rooms to the desired temperature. Evana, which you set with the calendar feature, can start working half an hour before the set time and bring your room to the exact temperature you want. For example, you set Evana to the time you left home from work, and when you get home, your room gets warm and you get rid of the waste of energy all day long. Developers say that it allows up to %45 natural gas bill reduction.

Very Simple Installation

The Evana is so simple to use that you can program it in a very short time using the buttons on it. No tools are required for installation. You just remove the valve by turning the collar of your old valve to the left. Then insert the Evana in the same way by turning the collar to the right. It only takes 15 seconds.

Evana takes the energy it needs to open and close the valve from its built-in battery and has a full battery life of 2 years. Even if you think you’re not good at housework, it will probably take 15 seconds to put Evana on the heater. Just remove the old one and put Evana in.

With its mobile application, Evana allows you to make many combinations from a single device. iOS and Android devices that can use the application offers:

– Create a temperature schedule for each room
– Setting alarms for different clocks
– Remote control
– Sudden reduction of all room temperatures with Eco mode
– Comfort mode to increase the temperature in all rooms
– Open window function
– Ability to control more than 10 Evana devices

Evana was tested at ITU University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for 2 weeks. Now it is getting ready for mass production. The Smart Radiator Valve, which will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Arıkovanı, is currently in the project phase. You can go to the project page here and shape the future of the project with your comments.

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