Meet ESPcopter – Turkey’s First Programmable Mini Drone

Drone technology has been used actively in different business areas in recent years. Advances in this technology have accelerated at the same rate globally. Drone technology is a hot topic in Turkey as well. A new mini drone named ESPcopter is one of the latest examples of that.

ESPcopter is Turkey’s first programmable mini drone project which is currently being crowdfunded on It stands out with its unique small size along with wirelessly networkable, interactive and programmable features.

One of the most important advantages of the device is the internet connection. It can be controlled from any connected device allowing you to enjoy flying yoru drone from anywehere anytime.

ESPcopter also stands out as a system designed to improve yourself in drone programming and algorithms.

Why shlould you learn drone programming?

An important part of Drone technology is provided by the flight control software. If a suitable software can be written for a drone, it can be operated in all weather conditions.

If students are trained in drone software, they can develop software in many areas such as defense industry, aerospace and aircraft technologies, especially drone, which is the technology of the future.

The Block Programming system in the technology can be operated over the internet. With this advantage, students can program their drones from anywhere without any distance restrictions.

ESPcopter has many advantages as it is an upgradeable device. The modules on the developers’ website allow you to reach a wide variety of programming tools.

ESPcopter allows you to connect to the Internet and implement your Internet of Things project. This system is a teaching system and is suitable for anyone who wants to learn drone making and software.

ESPcopter is available for pre-orders on The basic started pack costs 320 TL.

If you are into drone technology and make your own drone project visit ESPcopter’s crowdfunding page here.

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