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Electric Scooter That Fits In Your Backpack: MiniFalcon

Transportation is one of the most difficult and time consuming activities of daily life in cities. People are turning to alternative means of transport to make transportation both faster and more economical. The MiniFalcon electric scooter, a crowdfunding project developed to make urban travel easier, attracts a lot of attention right now.

The most important feature of the MiniFalcon electric scooter is that it can be folded and fit into your backpack. Just because it’s so small doesn’t mean it’s slow and weak. On the contrary, manufacturers say that MiniFalcon is one of the most powerful scooters on the market and serves the longest battery life as well.

Thanks to the improved magnets in its engine, the e-scooter can produce up to one and a half more torque than other electric scooters, and can perform much better when climbing hills or when you want to go fast. Another feature that distinguishes the MiniFalcon from others is that it has a gear system. You can switch between three different gears to get the best performance.

foldable electric scooter

The MiniFalcon’s digital display provides information on speed, battery life and position while driving. The most ambitious feature of the manufacturers is the battery performance. The full charge of the battery takes can carry you up to 2 hours, which is hopeful. In addition, it is quite sufficient for the city transportation to travel 14 kilometers on a single charge.

Advanced brake system

The MiniFalcon electric scooter is equipped with a shock absorber system for a better driving experience. In addition, the ABS braking system, which we are familiar with, allows you to stop quickly and comfortably without losing control.

The MiniFalcon developer team is currently running a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. If you want to use MiniFalcon on your way to work or school or take a stroll, you can go its crowdfunding page and take a look at the pre-order opportunities.

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