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EHighway Project Will Reduce Air Pollution

Efforts to reduce air pollution caused by diesel-powered delivery trucks continue at full speed. Siemens and Scania came together to solve this problem with eHighway project.

The duo came across a hybrid truck pulling electricity from electric lines placed along a regular highway. For this new system, Siemens has developed a transducer that automatically extends from the top of the vehicle.

Thanks to the new system , the trucks do not have to stop to charge their batteries. Thus, the need for construction and maintenance of charging stations is eliminated. In addition to being sensitive to the environment, the system also has the potential to give businesses a lot of time and money.

The system, called eHighway, made its debut on Tuesday, May 7th, on a 10.2 km long busy road in Frankfurt, Germany. Equipped with Siemens’ technology, trucks operate without emissions when using electricity from overhead lines.

Other trials of technology had taken place on shorter roads in Sweden and Los Angeles. Transport authorities in Germany emphasize that positive data from eHighway are promising in adapting technology to other major roads in the country.

Green Solution

When combined with power lines, it is important to note that trucks can stay at a constant speed to ensure that the traffic flows smoothly. In eHighway, if a truck encounters a much slower vehicle, it can cut the link to overtake and then reconnect automatically to the top of the lane when it turns to the lane.

In 2012, Siemens announced the first version of eHighway as a green solution for large commercial trucks. At that time, the battery technology had differences in operating the heavy vehicles at great distances.

The German company claims that eHighway is ten times more efficient than internal combustion engines. It can also help reduce energy consumption and air pollution.

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