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Effective Email Marketing for Crowdfunding

Preparing for the launch of any type or size of crowdfunding campaign is quite a journey. The pre-launch stage is where the entrepreneurs and their teams should create the campaign’s traffic generation strategy. As most teams tend to focus extensively on social media, there is the titan of outreach strategy that shouldn’t be underestimated. Of course, we are talking about the powerful email list.

Despite the popularity that social media channels have gained in the past several years, the “old-fashioned” way to establish and build the foundations of strong relationship with potential supporters of your crowdfunding campaign is still keeping leading position.

Email marketing is here to stay and is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with backers before the launch of your campaign. You don’t have to rely on mysterious surges of traffic in order to bring your campaign under the spotlight. Better roll your sleeves up and get to working on creating your effective email marketing strategy as you keep in mind the following six important steps to follow and elements to include.

Expand your list – When it comes to crowdfunding, reaching to your existing email contacts list is a great way to start, yet it is not enough. To maximize the effect of the outreach, don’t limit yourself to the friends and family and take the time to branch out to colleagues, high school and college classmates and people you have done business with before. Include the contacts of each one of your team members and Voila! – you have a good number of emails to start reaching out to.

Use responsive templates – As part of the modern society, where staying connected is essential, we are all keeping our mobile devices in hand range. It seems impossible to miss an email notification. Make sure that the email template that you use is mobile-friendly as the chances of having your campaign email opened on a smartphone are quite significant.

Make a survey – After you have collected adequate amount of emails, you are able to begin getting in touch with the potential backers by asking them different questions about your campaign. Begin the conversation in a way that will spark their interest about the exciting upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Surveys are effective way to get the attention of your audience and to set off a conversation.

Include call-to-action – There are two very important elements of every email that you send – the subject line and the call-to-action part. The call-to-action is the moment where you tell the recipients what further steps they should take and to urge the people to respond to your request. Keep it short, as the most effective call-to-action lines are concise and clear like Go to, Visit now, Add to Wish List, Share with a friend and so on.

Personalize it – The contacts on your email list all have names! Make the email more personal as you address them directly. It is a great way to distinguish yourself from spam emails and actually increase the chances of getting your message opened.

Use special email builder tools – Even though you are probably operating on a tight budget, using email list software will make your life much easier and the results of your effort much better. Established email list management providers like Aweber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and ReachMail will assist you not only to create quickly auto-responds and pre-scheduled messages, but also will help you to get your hands on important and valuable analytics.

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