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EcoGarden Smart Greenhouse System Brings Nature To Your Home

We spend most of our time indoors. And we stay away from nature and green. But we need them to make our lives better. EcoGarden smart greenhouse system comes to give us what we need.

Developed by the Swedish company Ecobloom, EcoGarden is described as “the world’s smartest interactive ecosystem”. The system consists of a smart aquarium and a miniature greenhouse.

Above the smart aquarium is an integrated mini greenhouse. You can grow fruits and vegetables up to 6 plants using the mini harden. The plants are fed by both aquarium water and intelligent LED lights.

Light sensors automatically adjust the light intensity by measuring the ambient light to optimize plant growth and energy efficiency. The aquarium under the mini garden can receive up to 24 liters of water.

By using the biological filtration power of nature combined with extra sponges and a water pump, the water becomes cleaner than a standard aquarium. Moreover, fish wastes are naturally broken down from ammonia to nitrate by beneficial microbes and provide the nutrients that plants need. So you do not have to spend a lot of time protecting your aquarium, feeding your fish and watering plants.

The system does almost everything by itself but you can also control it remotely from your smartphone. Using the Wi-Fi connection and mobile application of the system, you can learn both the status of your plants and fishes and you can manage it remotely if you wish.

EcoGarden also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Now. So you can also give a voice command to control the system.

EcoGarden’s developers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring their innovative ideas to life. They have already raised over $ 75,000 which is the target goal.

The EcoGarden, with a pre-order price of $ 293, will be sent to its supporters starting from December 2018.

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