Drivee SafeCall – A Smart Lifesaving Device In Your Car

Car accidents are seen as an important problem all over the world. Innovations in automotive technologies play a valuable role in the prevention of these accidents or in the best way to survive after the accident. Equipped with intelligent sensors, the Drivee SafeCall brings a new understanding to this field.

Drivee SafeCall is as a telematics device equipped with intelligent sensors. The most important feature of this system is that it provides communication in the event of an accident. In case of a traffic accident, it detects the accident and automatically communicates with the vehicle interior and informs the nearest emergency response team when necessary.

The first minutes after the accident callled “Golden Hour” is vital. With the Drivee SafeCall, the emergency response team is able to help the injured person quickly. Even if the people in the vehicle lose conscious, the intervention team can be directed to the scene quickly as the system is activated automatically. This also allows for emergency action planning for company vehicles that are referred to as workplaces.

Drivee SafeCall, which provides uninterrupted safety with its wide coverage area, instantly transmits collision simulation to your emergency response team with your health information.

Wide Coverage

Drivee SafeCall stands out with its wide coverage. Providing uninterrupted security with its wide coverage area, the system instantly transmits the health information to the officials. It also provides a significant convenience to the emergency team by creating a collision simulation.

Drivee is said to be the first device with an OTAM crash test. It provides uninterrupted protection compared to other alternative vulnerable methods. Since Drivee SafeCall is a device that operates independently of the vehicle system, it does not affect the warranty coverage of the vehicle.

Drivee SafeCall, which brings a new understanding to in-car technologies, is an important solution for car accidents. The developers is being crowdfunded on Arıkovanı right now. To get detailed information about this inoovative project, jump into its crowdfunding page here.

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