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Do You Want to Be a Changemaker? Explore Crowdfunding!

Have you ever through about how you can make the world a better place? Probably at some point of your life, you have or maybe you have turned this into a life-long mission.  Being a positive force that makes a difference in the world is very fulfilling and extremely important for social entrepreneurs. If you want to join forces with them and become a changemaker yourself, it is a good idea to explore crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding makes it possible for everyday people, who have no particular interest, knowledge or time to build startups themselves, to become part of giving life to innovative ideas, businesses and social good projects by making donations. Crowdfunding also has helped many entrepreneurs, who support social change, to fulfill their ideas and bring measurable impact.

But before you jump into the world of crowdfunding for your non-profit, social enterprise or community project, it is important that you take off your pink-glass glasses and look at the bigger picture realistically. Just because the project is important, that it has the potential to make a tremendous impact and to change the lives of many it doesn’t mean that it will be effortless to raise money for it.

To channel your inner changemaker through crowdfunding, take your time to explore the basics and to discover the specifics of raising money through the collective power of the crowds. Don’t get distracted by the fact that crowdfunding looks so effortless and simple. It actually takes lots of hard work and time in order to succeed.

The Platform: It is important that you choose the crowdfunding site that works the best for your campaign. Identify the platform according to the following criteria:

  • Visibility – Is the platform popular enough to drive enough traffic to your page?
  • Fees – How much it will cost you to run your campaign on this particular platform?
  • Type – Does it support the all-or-nothing model or you will be able to collect the donations no matter if your reach your target or not.
  • Easy-to-use – How difficult it is to set up a page? Will it be very time-consuming in a way that will distract you from the truly important aspects?
  • Design – How do campaigns appear on the platform? Are the pages easy to navigate? Is all important information visible and easily accessible?
  • Shareability – Is the content easy to share? Extremely important for crowdfunding campaigns!

Problem identification: Just because your idea tackles important problem doesn’t mean that it will get visibility automatically. In order to send the right message to your audience, you need to clearly identify the problem and present it the right way.

For this purpose, you need to make sure that your page is well-optimized – including detailed information about the project, visuals and videos, links to your social media channels. Your page should send the right message, should be captivating and must give detailed information about the cause to the potential supporters.

Channel the Changemaker Personality: As here we talk about becoming the changemaker you want to be by using the power of crowdfunding, it is essential to focus for a bit on the personality traits of a true changemaker.

Changemakers are capable of clearly identifying the specific problems and know how to approach these problems in a way that makes a difference. They are not afraid to dream big, but also are persistent enough to know that it takes time to reach the final goal. Changemakers are confident, creative, curious and excellent communicators.

In crowdfunding, embracing the changemaker personality is essential. To spread the word about the campaign requires constant social presence and excellent networking skills. It is important to establish a strong relationship with the supporters and to keep the conversation alive throughout the whole campaign.

Exploring crowdfunding can be a long process, but it will eventually pay off. Remember, in the end, it is all about making a difference in the world, so the hard work is worth it!

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