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The world’s first smart walking stick for visually impaired people WeWalk, Bulut Board coding kit that teaches children how to code, OttoLock smart lock system, Alya 3D printer, smart security ring Wing and more… We are not talking about projects produced by world-renowned technology companies or a group of Harvard students. These are projects that are created by entrepreneurs and are funded through the collective power of the crowds.

Breakthrough technology and innovation created all around the world have inspired many to pursue their ideas and bring their projects to life. With Arikovani, we are giving the opportunity to the Turkish inventors and entrepreneurs to secure funding and start their companies.

The diversity of projects that have gone viral on Arikovani offer something for everyone – from parents, who would like to introduce coding to their children from an early age, through football enthusiasts, who want to become better strikers, to amateur guitarists, who want to have high quality sound system without the need to buy expensive amplifiers.

Do you have a great idea and an innovative product that you would like to present to the masses?

All entrepreneurs, who want to enter the crowdfunding scene, are welcome to submit their projects on Arikovani. We are ready to give you all kinds of support in order to help you bring your innovative projects to life. Get in touch with us and let’s start building the innovative products of Turkey together!

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