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Delux Designer – The Customizable Keyboard That Shortens Designers’ Work Time

Technology and innovative gadgets have increased the productivity levels in every office and in almost every professional field where repetitive work is constantly done. Professionals love all new gadgets that make their lives easier and their work efforts more effective. Understandably, designers are not left behind.

Now there is available the perfect keyboard for designers: Delux Designer is created to simplify and make their work more effective. The keyboard combines multi-step key command sequences into a single keycap and allows the designer to take full and precise control of their work with the multifunctional dial.

Delux Designer is fully customizable, allowing you to create your shortcuts according to your own preferences. You are able to adjust settings like size, brightness, volume, and so on just with a spin of the multifunctional dial. The dial also allows you to scroll, zoom, and switch between pages effortlessly.

If you worry that this great tool may not be compatible with the software you normally use, worry no more! Delux Designers is compatible with nine of the most popular design software available.

Delux Designer is currently running a crowdfunding campaign, quite successful actually – 21 days before the end of the campaign, already over 1,350 backers have pledged US$ 87,865.

Cover photo credit: Kickstarter

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