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Customizable Artisan Camera Bags Made For Stylish Photographers

Camera bags do not just have to be functional. Photographers are artists who look at the world differently. And they deserve more than a rude, bulky, flat backpack. ETK OPTIKS backpack comes to the help of stylish photographers.

Developed by Ethnotek, ETK OPTIKS backpack series stands out above all else for “social responsibility”. Artisanal bags come from local craftsmen living in the towns of Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The sales of camera bags provide employment for villagers working in hand print, weaving and embroidery. With their unique designs, the bags also carry the spirit of the local people.

The ETK OPTIKS collection consists of three main camera carrying products: Raja (full photo camera backpack), Desa (camera sling pouch case) and Quota (camera strap).

Raja (“king” in Hindi) 30L photo pack has a an adjustable front panel that gives it a unique look and design. Hand-crafted panels make it possible to carry the backpack with many different design alternatives.

The panel has two buckled straps and a hidden zip pocket to hold tripods and other small items. By opening the zipper behind the panel you can reach the main compartment, which keeps your camera equipment.

The backpack, which has a wide open space, can carry two camera bodies, a drone, multiple lenses and accessories.

Desa (“village” in Bahasa Indonesian) camera sling pouch can carry extra accessories along with most DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Desa, which can be carried like a waist bag, can also be integrated into his older brother Raja.

Finally, the Kota (“town” in Bahasa Indonesian) camera strap has a hand knit outer surface, hidden memory card pocket under the shoulder pad, detachable anodised aluminum hooks and easily adjustable structure.

You can take a close look at the entire collection below.

Right now ETK OPTIKS raising money through crowdfunding. Early birds can get the strap for $49, the pouch for $84, the photo pack for $245, or the entire bundle for $378. The company is aiming to ship the collection to backers in July 2019.

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