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CrowdJustice Brings the Crowdfunding Model to Legal Cases

Crowdfunding has proved its importance through the years, yet there is always something new that makes us think of its undiscovered potential to make a difference in every aspect of our lives.

CrowdJustice, the crowdfunding platform created in 2015 by former UN lawyer Julia Salasky, aims to assist legal cases, which otherwise will stay unnoticed, to raise money through the collective power of the crowds.

The platform promises to make law available to everyone, encouraging transparency and equality to all.

An example of a current campaign running on CrowdJustice is the case of a small grocery store that is being sued by a large corporation. Seeking support to cover the legal costs and to be able to defend himself in the lawsuit, in which the corporate giant Trader Joe’s is threatening to shut down his small shop called Pirate Joe, Mike Hallatt has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Some projects on the platform look for support for ideas that have much broader reach such as a campaign that is challenging the immigration ban of Trump’s administration or another campaign that aims to restore the voting rights in Florida.

CrowdJustice has recently raised $2 million is seed stage and is preparing for an expansion in the US. It is just the beginning of one exciting journey that will revolutionize the way legal cases are funded by the crowds!

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