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Crowdfunding the Health and Wellness Industry: 4 Success Stories to Watch

In the fast-paced and stressful world that we live in, it is necessary to pay enough attention to our overall health. We all look for ways to improve our well-being, to stay fit and full of energy, often looking for innovative products to help us along the way.

The wellness and health industry is the trillion dollar industry of 2017 and it continues to grow. In the past few years with the growing power of the Internet, it has gone through a major transformation and many of these changes have come from products that have been crowdfunded.

Crowdfunding is a great alternative for health products as it brings not just cash but also visibility to the products. Some of the most successful products from the health industry are really simple, yet quite innovative. Here are the top 4 success stories that deserve our attention:

Vitastiq 2

Keeping track of the essential nutrients in your body can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and smart eating habits. The wireless high tech vitamin check Vitastiq 2 makes it possible for you to effortlessly track 26 minerals and vitamins of your body, allowing you to make better decisions when it comes to choosing your food and supplements.

Vitastiq 2 crowdfunding campaign is 665% overfunded as it has raised $364,907 USD total funds back in September 2016.

Bionic Gym

Bionic Gym is the #1 funded fitness machine ever created. It is a new generation exercise machine that has been created as a result of 16 years long research. Bionic Gym makes it possible for you to lose weight and burn fat while sitting on the couch – the only thing that you need to do is to position the wraps around your tights, choose the mode from the app and let the machine “exercise you”.

Who doesn’t want to lose weight with minimum effort? No wonder this magic-like device raised $2,368,776 USD total funds, making the campaign 2101% funded on January 15, 2017.

Dual Plus Pillow

Sleep is very important for our health, but often having a good night sleep seems like mission impossible, especially if the pillow you have isn’t comfortable enough. The Dual Plus Pillow is the ultimate ergonomic pillow that allows you to fall asleep effortlessly within minutes. The built-in spines in the Dual Plus Pillow turn your pillow to a cradle for your head, making it possible to get better, deeper and more restful sleep.

Aren’t we all in a constant search for a better sleep? No wonder the campaign was 2681% funded on August 7, 2017 with $534,221 USD total funds raised.

The Neck Hammock

Nowadays, we spend hours on our desks staring at the computer screen or looking down at our phones. No wonder neck pain has become something very usual for most of us. But the founders of The Neck Hammock have found a very simple solution to release the neck pain – a simple device that attaches to any door promises to release the neck pain in just ten minutes or less.

The Neck Hammock campaign was 4505% funded on December 1, 2017 with $1,060,881 USD total funds raised.

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