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Crowdfunding Superstar Michael Armani Launches FitForLaunch to Put an End to Failed Pre-Orders

Many businesses and ideas have successfully raised money through crowdfunding. Unfortunately, not all of them manage to deliver to the supporters what they promised. There are many examples of tremendously successful crowdfunding campaigns, which turned to be a disaster.

To put an end on failed pre-orders, FitForLaunch announced the launch of a new crowdfunding platform, which aims to minimize the risk for the supporters. The platform protects the backers through a warranty and offers 100% delivery guaranteed.

The platform is created by the crowdfunding superstar Michael Armani. Armani, who is a co-founder of M3D, has raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding. Now he is putting the gained knowledge and experience in the creation of a platform that may change the way of crowdfunding as we know it.

FitForLaunch covers deliveries that are late more than 12 months; has your back if the project undergoes a financial failure; protects you against scammers and fraud as it promises a refund and the organization of a legal action.

Each company that wants to join FitForLaunch undergoes detailed review to be determined the feasibility of the project in the following five areas: market, technical, financial, production, and creator.

FitForlaunch had a strong start. There are already four companies on the platform (M3D, Snapmaker, Knops, and Enomad), all of which have successfully raised money through crowdfunding with a total of $7.8 million.

It is expected on monthly basis dozens of companies to pass the vetting process. These companies will not only have the chance to increase pre-order revenues but also will be supported with guidance in important for crowdfunders areas as manufacturing, employment, legal and taxation.

Having a platform that guarantees the fulfillment of a pre-order minimizes the risk, influences in a positive direction the decision of the supporters to back a project, and, most importantly, builds trust in crowdfunding.

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