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Crowdfunding Campaigns Raise Hundreds of Thousands after Manchester Arena Terror Attack

The world was deeply saddened when on Monday evening the heartbreaking news of a terrorist attack at Manchester Arena at the end of US singer Ariana Grande concert broke. The blast took the lives of 22 and left 59 injured.

In aftermath of the horrifying event a lot of people decided to act and several crowdfunding campaigns, which have the aim to raise funds in order to support the families of the victims, have been launched.

After the news was announced on Manchester Evening News, many of the readers asked how they can actually help. The MEN then set up a page on Just Giving where everyone can make donations and support the families of the victims.

In less than two days, the “We Stand Together Manchester” fund exceeded the target of £1,000,000. By Wednesday afternoon the campaign was backed by 34511 supporters, who raised £1,087,428. The money will be used to support families of those killed and injured in the Manchester Arena attack.

Another crowdfunding initiative, published on GoFundMe by Michael Johns, aims to raise funds in support of Chris Parker, the homeless man, who ran towards the blast zone to help the ones who were injured.

The Help Chris Parker campaign had a target of £1,000 but in just one day raised £28,928 by 2,555 people.

Photo credit: GoFundMe

To see a community coming together when devastating events happen is empowering. Feeling united is important and social media and crowdfunding platforms make it easier to stay stronger together!

Cover Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News 

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