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Crowdfunding Campaign Raises $3 Million To Protect Wildlife

When crowdfunding campaigns are carried out correctly, they can even be useful in solving problems at national level. A recent crowdfunding campaign in Canada demonstrated this in the best possible way. The money raised by a crowdfunding campaign helped protect wildlife in the country.

The campaign raised more than $ 3 million in individual donations to protect 2,000 acres (800 hectares) of Princess Louisa Inlet on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. The funding campaign was launched by the BC Parks Foundation, a non-profit organization working in collaboration with BC Parks to protect the pristine areas of the state.

A significant amount was reached with the donations collected for several months, but one last donation was required. The last donation to remove the land from being a private property was made just before the deadline. After the successful campaign, eyes were turned to sales. After the sale is completed, the land will be transferred to BC Parks to be converted into a Class A Provincial Park, and thus protected forever.

Miraculous Success

The success of the campaign was welcomed by wildlife enthusiasts. Andrew Day, CEO of the BC Parks Foundation, wrote a letter thanking the campaign’s supporters for their “miraculous” success. “We still have to end the sale and there are steps to be taken. But you’ve achieved considerable success in fundraising.”

Stating the importance of parks, Andrew Day said, “We know that people want to keep B.C. We also realize that our parks are the essence of our identity. They are our cathedrals, towers, pyramids; wonders of our world. But in such a short time, we could not have predicted such a great reaction from so many different people and places. We are in awe and gratitude. We will notify you when the agreement is completed. Any funding that will continue to be invested in our Parks Bank to protect more areas in Princess Louisa and British Columbia.”

This important step towards the protection of wildlife reveals once more the power of crowdfunding. The campaign, which took place in Canada, also gave rise to important awareness. Crowdfunding proves again and again that everything is possible together.

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