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Crowdfunding Art Project Turns Metropolitan Maps to Beautiful Abstract Art

It is very delightful to see that cultural and art projects still find its place in the crowdfunding scene and manage to get and keep the attention of the supporters. Modern Map Art Prints project, which transforms city maps into artistic tablelands, is one of them.

David Hoe, the mastermind behind the project, blends together mapping, design and programming to create this mesmerizing art work. Taking the maps of metropolises such as New York, Rome, and Bangkok, the artist creates images that can be regarded as abstract artworks with his own interpretation.

Rather than simply sending his own selected works, Hoe also offers the opportunity to the supporters to choose and create their own maps. The supporters can choose the color palette, design language and the size they desire and once they decide it is just a matter of time for Hoe to turn it into an art piece.

Hoe does not do the work by hand. He uses a program that he has created himself and the last version of each piece is printed. The project has been very well-received by the supporters and has surpassed the target tremendously.

With the raised funds, Hoe is planning to grow the business and transform it into an online platform where users can order a piece whenever they want it. For more information about the project, visit its crowdfunding page here.

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