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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Pay Manisaspor League Club Debts

Crowdfunding isn’t only about raising money for starting companies, but also a great alternative for existing businesses and social good initiatives to survive and hopefully thrive once again. This time under the spotlight comes to the crowdfunding campaign that has been launched to save the future of the Turkish football club Manisaspor.

A campaign has been launched by supporters to pay a debt of 6.5 million Turkish liras to TFF 1st League teams Manisaspor’s former footballer Ariza Makukula. Due to the power of social media, the campaign raised 685 TRY within a day. Fans also launched a wristband campaign with the goal of selling at least 1 million units.


The ongoing debate about the debt that the club has to pay to the Portuguese player may have negative results over the performance of the team during the upcoming season. Due to the debt, Manisaspor was faced with the possibility of receiving a penalty of minus 9 points.

The supporters who acted to rescue the club from this difficult situation started a social campaign with #ManisasporDestekIstiyor. Manisaspor supported the initiative of the fans and opened a bank account where the money can be sent to.

Target: 1 Million Bracelets to Sell

The 1965 Manisaspor Supporters’ Association also acted on the call for help. The association, which aims to sell bracelets with a price of 5 TRY, aims to provide 5 million TRY support to the club at the end of the campaign. A T-shirt campaign to raise money was also launched by the supporters.

This whole initiative, even though it was not run on a crowdfunding platform, showed clearly the collective power of the crowds. Campaigns like that are a great way to raise the awareness about the positive impact the people may have if they act together!

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