Creathon 2018 Inspired The Stories of Entrepreneurs and Creative Minds

Creathon, the ultimate storytelling event for entrepreneurs and creative minds, brought together 5 groups with 50 participants in total. The event lasted 48 long hours, resulting in less sleep, lots of coffee and many, many great ideas.

Creative initiatives like this one are common among talented entrepreneurs with software or hardware focus, who prefer to focus on creating the projects with minimum time and minimum cost. Many creative minds, however, prefer to take their time when it comes to developing new impressive ideas. Creathon focused exactly on these creative minds and gave them the opportunity to get together and spend the time to develop their stories.

Creathon was held in Impact Hub between 2 to 4 February 2018 and brought together 16 entrepreneurs and 33 creative minds. The event started on Friday when the participants listened to their entrepreneurial presentations. Afterwards, the five groups were formed and the teams started to work on their stories.

After 48-hour long marathon, many cups of coffee and tasty mini burgers, great ideas were born.

Fostering the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with Great Ideas

On Sunday, it was time to harvest the fruits of the hard work. The five groups of participants presented their stories and ideas with the support of fun videos and visuals. On the final day, two interesting panels were held. The first panel met with Ayşem Ertopuz, General Manager responsible for Turkcell Digital Services and Solutions, and Enis Yazırlıoğlu, Turkcell Business Model Conversion Manager. Mehru Aygül, Josef Amado, Ali Vatansever and Atıl Erken came together in the second panel.

In the end, there were no winners or losers at Creathon. All teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas to the public through crowdfunding projects on Arikovani. Along with the inspirational experience, the participants also were rewarded with small gifts from successfully crowdfunded projects on Arikovani. It was a great event, full of interesting stories, a lot of fun, and many inspirational ideas.

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