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Create Perfect Pitch Video for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

There is no secret magic formula to follow when it comes to the creation of a great crowdfunding campaign, but certainly there are some things that are absolutely mandatory if you want to hit the nail on the head from the very beginning. Creating a captivating video to put on your website, on your Arikovani page and to share on social media is one of these mandatory items that should never be overlooked.

Clearly, videos matter. But what makes a great crowdfunding campaign is often a complicated question that troubles the startup teams. How can you create awesome, catchy and memorable pitch video for your campaign without to break the bank? Here are some tips to follow if you want to stand out from the crowd but you need to operate on a tight budget:

The specifics of the video depend solely on the type of your project. The length, the content, the narrative, the shots – everything should be specifically tailored to the essentials of the product you are presenting. However, make sure that the video is not too long, that communicates the right message (who we are, what we do, why we do it, how it looks and how your involvement can be beneficial to our project and yourself). The video is the right place to include your call-to-action and show your audience what they can do to participate, to spread the word and to help this project become successful.

Crafting a compelling video is a great way to show your authenticity and to create a great impression not only about your product, but also about yourself as an entrepreneur and your team as a whole. Of course, if you already are well-known for the work you have done in the past and can rely on a strong and well-established personal brand, you don’t need to put as much effort as someone, who is jumping in the venture as a first-time entrepreneur. Video content is presenting who you are, and you know how important first impressions can be, so better make the most of it.

The video is a great way to introduce to the audience not only your product and yourself, but also your team. All potential backers are very interested in the people behind the project – they want to know who is doing what and most importantly why they are doing it. The video is the best way to get personal.

The quality of the video is essential. People will never be excited by a sloppy crafted video as it communicates the message that the campaign creators don’t take it much seriously. The video is like the business card of your campaign, make sure it reads the right message, that it is beautifully created and compelling.

Video production is not just time consuming, but also can be very expensive. To help you go easy on your budget there are some very useful video editing software platforms and here we will focus on three of them. These platforms can help entrepreneurs create captivating videos for their crowdfunding campaigns without this to cost them an arm and a leg.


Animoto is very popular with its marketing video builder, even though it offers other photo and video editing options to its users. The marketing video builder is great tool that will help you to effortlessly turn your photos and videos into share-worthy social videos. And we all know how important social media is for every crowdfunding campaign.

Animoto offers three pricing options, which are paid annually: Private for $8/month, Professional for $22/month and Business for $34/month.


Magisto is a great video creative platform powered by AI that helps the users to bring their stories to life, by allowing them to magically transform their videos and photos into story-telling visuals. Magisto will help you to create beautiful videos in a snap, which are perfect for sharing.

Magisto offers two plans for their users: Business plan for $9.99/month and a plan for marketers for $49.99/month.


Filmora is a great tool for people, who don’t have any previous video editing experience. It is created with simple design, making it easy to use and navigate. But the simplicity doesn’t have to trick you in thinking that there are not enough options to create compelling video: Fimora offers many modern effects like filters animated elements, and even some advanced tools like PIP, audio mixers, advanced text editing and so on.

You can get 1 year Filmora license for $39.99, life-time license for $59.99 or even a multi-users license for $179.97. Pretty good of a deal, right?

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