Crafting a Compelling Call to Action for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Creatively crafted crowdfunding campaign that gives enough information about the product, engages the audience and is easily shareable is designed for success. Yet, it may not perform as good as expected. This makes the team members, who have put their blood and tears to make it all perfect, wonder what went wrong.

The answer might be much more obvious than expected. A simple change can turn the campaign’s performance upside down. You just need to pull out your secret weapon that guarantees success – the compelling call-to-action!

Your crowdfunding campaign can easily catch on only if you know how to provoke your audience to immediately engage with the product/service. But, as we know, likes and shares count only if they turn to actual donations and pledges. And this is where you need to hit the nail on the head: you need to create the best call to action that will truly motivate the audience to click the button and support your campaign.

Call to action is one of the most popular and effective sales and marketing techniques used by experts worldwide. It is so because the call to action guides the customer, the site visitor or the potential supporter along the process of making a purchase or making a donation.

From the most popular examples like Click here, Order now, Visit the store today, Reserve your ticket now to creatively-designed and tailored to the business like Remember everything (Evernote), Watch anywhere. (Netflix) and Do not Press (Huemor) – it is clearly a remarkable way to get the audience on your side.

Creating the call to action for your crowdfunding campaign should be done carefully so you won’t sound too pushy or eager to receive donations. The three key elements that should be taken into consideration are: be clear, make it simple and create a sense of urgency.

Be clear

Before you include a call to action make sure that your audience knows what your goals are, what your campaign stands for and what every supporter will get in return for their pledges. Don’t include too many options as it may get confusing for the backers. Be clear, explain it simply, lay solid foundations and the supporters will have the chance to make better-informed decisions.

Make it simple

Make the process of receiving donations simple. If it is too complicated to make a pledge and the supporter needs to fill long forms, get endless confirmations through email and click numerous buttons, they are more likely to give up. Make the process of receiving a donation as simple as possible and you will have much higher donation rate in no time.

Create a sense of urgency

People tend to be drawn to products and offers that are limited, exclusive and one of a kind. With your call to action, create a sense of urgency and you will see tremendous results. Phrases that indicate that if the supporter doesn’t act now tomorrow might be too late, work very well. They highlight the exclusiveness of the offer, emphasize on the opportunity and make it even more desirable to the backer to become a part of it.

A powerful call to action is a great way to accelerate your crowdfunding campaign. Don’t waste your time and TRY NOW!

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