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Classon – The Smart Bike Helmet Powered by AI

When technology and design interflow some of the most innovative gadgets are born. This is the case with Classon – the intelligent bike helmet that makes every cycling experience safer.

Classon, with its simplicity and intuitiveness, allows the cyclists to communicate effortlessly their intentions to the other participants of the street traffic. It increases your visibility to others and the overall safety through its motion-activated turn signals and breaks.

The intelligent helmet is equipped with back and front cameras that scan the surrounding environment, notifying you when a car is approaching through a non-disruptive blinker, visible to the cyclist in their peripheral vision.

The helmet is also equipped with intuitive blink signals that activate the turning lights. To activate these signals, the cyclist only needs to indicate their intentions to turn by arm movement. The sensors capture the movement and turn the lights on the helmet in order to notify the other traffic participants of your intentions to turn.

Classon has also an automatic brake light that notifies the drivers behind you of when you press break. For maximum security, the bike riders are able to live stream their rides and share the videos while on the go.

Crowdfunding Success Story

Classon has run two crowdfunding campaigns, both extremely successful. One of the campaigns was 497% funded on July 17, 2017, and raised almost $200,000 USD. The other campaign was supported by 920 backers pledged $149,212 to help bring this project to life.

With an estimated retail price of $299 USD, the backers of the Kickstarter campaign were able to get Classon at a price of $99 for early-bird backers. A great deal that saves $200 USD.

This isn’t the only cool invention of the company behind the project – the US-based BROOKLYNESS. Check out their other cool products here.

Cover photo credit: Kickstarter

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