The Garden In Your Home: iHarvest


While many of us enjoy growing plants, we limited to small pots due to the limited possibilities of city life. If your house is not getting enough sun, or if the plant you want to grow is not suitable for growing in pots, you cannot go any further. Despite all these challenges, there is a clever solution to help you grow plants in your home: iHarvest.

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Obsbot Tail: AI-enabled 4K Camera For YouTubers


Taking videos with your smart phone is now easier than ever. Whether you shoot vlogs or what is going on around you, all you have to do is press the record button and extend your arm to the target point. But when you want to shoot yourself from a farther point or in action, the arms are desperate. At this point, the Obsbot Tail Auto-Director AI Camera 4K camera enters the scene.

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EyeDrive: Holographic Car Assistant To Keep Your Eyes On The Road


According to the studies, every time you take a look at your phone while driving, you leave your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. EyeDrive holographic car assistant lets you take advantage of in-car information systems without having to take your eyes off the road.

With EyeDrive, hologram takes the place of traditional infotainment screens. You can follow and control in-car systems such as GPS, incoming calls and music, via holographic screen instead of physical one. So your eyes always stays on the road. Take a look at it in action below.

The company says the holographic display with 4000 nits is 10 times brighter and sharper than its competitors. It also has auto brightness control, so it will work the same at any time of the day.

The vehicle assistant, compatible with Android and iOS devices, can be managed with voice commands. Best of all, you can use hand gestures to answer calls, control your music, or access the backup camera.

The backup camera works with a removable battery to avoid the ease of use. The camera is connected wirelessly to the EyeDrive device. Thus, you do not need to drill holes or wiring in your car.

Offered to users through a crowdfunding campaign, the EyeDrive has a pre-order price of $ 199 special for first backers. The delivery date is March 2019.

For more detailed information about the project, you can visit its crowdfunding page here.

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Little Sophia Will Teach Kids Simple AI And Coding


You’ve probably heard about the Sophia robot before. The humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics now has a little sister. Powered by artificial intelligence, just like her sister, Little Sophia comes to help children understand and love technology.

The birth of Little Sophia took place in November 2018. The new member of the Hanson Robotics family said hello to the world on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. And now Hanson Robotics, who launched a crowdfunding campaign for the little sister, wants to make the cute robot the indispensable smart friend of the children.

Little Sophia, unlike her sister’s human appearance seems a little more toy. The small robot with a length of 36 cm (14 inch) has a semi-transparent head showing its electronics. She can dance, make jokes and chat like a real friend. But her main task is more educational.

Targeting children between the ages of 7-13, Hanson Robotics has also developed a companion mobile application for children to develop the robot. Using the Blockly and Python languages through the app, children can program the robot for different tasks and skills.

Hanson Robotics has chosen a crowdfunding campaign for the sale of its educational robot. The company is seeking $ 75,000 in funding to go into production. And they’ve already raised over $ 100,000 in the first week of the campaign.

It’s enough to pre-order $ 149 to have a little Sophia. Hanson Robotics says it will deliver its robots in December 2019.

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PIQO: A Powerful 1080p Pocket Projector To Enlighten Your World


Do projectors always have to be large and unstable devices that are difficult to install or carry? According to the developers of the pocket projector named Piqo, the answer is no. The pocket-sized projection device offering great portability and the image quality comes to win the game.

With an average action camera size, Piqo can project images up to 240 inches in full HD quality and 200 lumens. Running on Android operating system it can connect to almost any device.

Piqo works both as a stand-alone device or connect to devices such as smartphones, tablets and televisions wirelessly or with cable.

To ensure that the operating system runs smoothly, the projector has a 64-bit quad-core processor. Piqo uses long-lasting LED light DLP technology (digital light processing) to project the image.

The pocket projector seems to be very versatile in terms of connection. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-fi technologies as well as HDMI and USB ports. It can also be paired with Windows, Android, iOS and iMac devices. Piqo offers built-in 16 GB memory for those who prefers offline streaming.

With its massive funding campaign, the Piqo projector seems to have made its success known to the masses. The project has so far raised nearly $ 1.5 million in funding with the support of thousands of backers.

Although the mass funding campaign has ended, Piqo is still able to pre-order at discounted prices. Here you can get more information about the device.

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Pix: A Smart Backpack With A Customizable LED Screen


What do you pay attention to when buying a backpack? Its usefulness, volume, size, or its price? You will change your mind after seeing this interesting backpack. Especially if you’re looking for a unique one.

Launched as a crowdfunding project, Pix stands out as a retro-screen backpack. As you might expect, it works with a mobile app and it has a media library involving animation, widgets and even Tetris-like retro games. You can either use them or create your own pixel shapes with a simple editor.

The backpack, which looks very attractive in terms of design and shape, does not compromise on functionality. The bag, made of solid materials, has a lot of pockets to put your things in. And the LED display, which is hidden by a fabric covering, does not add extra weight to the bag. The Pix is ​​a little big for kids, but the developers say they’re working on a smaller model.

All electronic components are waterproof. Since the LED screen itself is completely flexible, the bag does not give any discomfort. No charger comes with the bag to power the LED display. However, a standard 10.000 mAh mobile charger can keep the display alive for up to 6 hours.

An expensive toy

The biggest disadvantage of Pix is ​​the cost. Special to its crowdfunding campaign Pix is sold at $ 216 but after the campaign is over it will be sold at $ 260.

The idea of ​​a bag with a customizable LED display may not be appealing to everyone, but it seems like a pretty attractive accessory for the personalization enthusiast who wants to reflect his personality.

The Pix, which was also exhibited at CES 2019, is about to go the mass production phase. Here you can get detailed information about the product and pre-order.

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