Arıkovanı Projects Help You Overcome Disabilites


Arıkovanı, where dozens of technology projects are launched every year, also includes projects making the lives of diasbled people easier. With the idea of “there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome by technology” these projects attracting worldwide attention with the awards and investments they get.

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How Arıkovanı Projects Help The Children of Tomorrow


Children always have the most creative ideas. You have noticed that babies constantly observe their surroundings, trying to listen, feel and experiment them. As they grow, every new discovery makes them even more excited. Improving this innate sense of curiosity and discovery by supporting them with the right approaches is very important for the future of the child and the world.

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Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium Has Launched Its Crowdfunding Campaign


The gaming industry is blooming. Yet another fantastic addition to it has become a reality – Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium is entering the crowdfunding scene on Arikovani. 

The story of the fantasy-fiction story-based FPS video game is taking place back in the Ottoman times. Along with its historical theme, the game includes also fantastic elements presented in the faces of vampires, dinosaurs, gigantic spiders, and even time travel.

The game starts with Chapter One at the Sultan’s Palace. As the players move through the chapters they encounter different characters and scenarios. The game consists of 13 levels + 2 bonus levels and each of these levels offers different fantasy adventures.

Take a look at the gaming video below:

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium is the first part of a trilogy. For now, action-rich hybrid game is developed only on PC with Windows. The founders are planning to release the game on the bigger gaming markets after the completion of the crowdfunding campaign. The developers are focusing their efforts on making VR, iOS, and Android support and DX11 enhancement of the game.

The other stages of the project, which the founders continue to develop as an indie team, will be available in the forthcoming years as books, series, movies, and animation.

With the crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani, the founders aim to raise 140.000 TRY in order to bring their project to life. The pre-order price for the game is 50 TRY.

To learn more about the game, the founders, and the project itself, visit Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium’s crowdfunding page here.

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World’s Smallest Oscilloscope Minis Has Achieved Its Crowdfunding Goal!


World’s smallest oscilloscope Minis has achieved its crowdfunding goal on Arıkovanı.

Oscilloscopes were big, hard to move and you need to wire them to electricity. Until Compocket, a Turkish startup, developed the world’s smallest oscilloscope named Minis.

Oscilloscopes which are frequently used by the people who are interested in electronics, look just like microwaves or old radios. These devices, which take so much space in laboratories weigh around 3 kilograms and cannot be carried easily. The display screens and buttons on these highly expensive devices make it very complex and difficult to use.

Minis converts these large, expensive and complex devices to pocket sized and mobile based versions using Industry 4.0 technology. Which means that you can now use your phone, tablet or computer by connecting to your Minis as an oscilloscope.

It aims to eliminate the complexity and learning barrier in oscilloscopes. The buttons on the oscilloscopes are transformed into finger movements according to their functions and a new interface is designed for that.

With Minis’s user-friendly application’s interface, you can observe your measurements at your fingertips, you can work simplier as you wish.

The developers has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Arıkovanı and now has achieved their target. The campaign has still 20 days to go but the project has already raised over 100,000 TL.

Here you can visit its crowdfunding page and pre-order.

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Arıkovanı 2018: What did we accomplish last year?


To improve the entreprenaurship and crowdfunding culture in Turkey, we’ve accomplished many great things so far. And 2018 was no different.

In 2018, the projects such as Sense Watch, Solar Curtain, Kodris, Etkinbot, Wollox, Freepark, Zulu Kds, Tolkido, Ape X and YemleBeni, accomplished their crowdfunding campaigns on Arıkovanı.

Ape X, a Turkish drone project, broke a crowdfunding record. The project, which raised 783.955 TL, become the most crowdfunded project in Turkey.

In order to continue to support our startups after their corwdfunding journey, we launched Turkey’s first technology startup store. You can find the newest tech products on Arıkovanı Shop.

In order to develop the entrepreneurship and technology culture, we published Founders, an entrepreneurship culture magazine, which we offer free and in Dergilik platform. Founders, have been downloaded over 130,000 so far.

We organized a creative storytelling event called Creathon, which we brought entrepreneurs and creatives together. At the end of the event, all participants gained valuable ideas and experiences to use for their new projects.

We will continue to do our utmost to improve the crowdfunding and entrepreneurial culture in Turkey. We hope to realize more projects together in 2019!

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