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Can We Preserve Our History Through Digital Modeling?

Threats to historical places are increasing day by day due to climate change, armed conflict, human activities and so on. The Notre Dame burns was the last straw to reveal some facts.

So, how can we prevent these threats and preserve historic places like Notre Dame? Google Arts & Culture has an idea: “Digital Modeling”.

Why do we need digital modeling of the real world? Rising sea levels threatening to sink Venice, Notre Dame fire and such examples show why we need digital modeling. The elaboration of detailed 3D drafts of historical sites can be seen as the insurance policy for world history.

The aim here is to ensure maintenance, repair and restoration of complex and unique places. In this way, in the event of a possible disaster, people will be able to digitally explore the old works of these historical landmarks.

“In the case of a catastrophic event, just having some blueprints to work from that are derived from the 3D data can be a really valuable starting point.” John Ristevski, CyArk’s founder, said.

Google Arts & Culture launched the Open Heritage project last April with CyArk. CyArk is an organization established to archive and share the world’s cultural heritage.

Digital protection works by placing extremely high resolution photos on top of the 3D scans captured by a laser measuring system called LIDAR.

Notre Dame was scanned by another organization in 2010 according to Ristevski. “Now these scanned images can be a guide for restoration work.” he said. and drew attention to the importance of Open Heritage project.

Open Heritage let you experience historic places such as ancient temples or the caves with multimedia digital tours.

The project illustrates how people around the world work to digitally document and share our common history.

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