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Building The Urban Future Through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding gives to the people the exciting opportunity to become involved in different interesting projects and allows them to be part of the first few to own innovative and cool products and gadgets. Crowdfunding also makes it possible for people to support social good projects that make a difference and change the world for the better.

Fundraising through the collective power of the crowds gives the opportunity for citizens to be part of changing the way their cities look by supporting creative and innovative urban sustainable projects. There are many crowdfunding projects that aim to shape the urban future and here are three successful examples that can inspire you to make a change and transform the city that you live in.

Whitelock Community Farm

Back in 2011, Elisa Lane’s idea of creating a resident-driven farm situated on an abandoned city lot in Reservoir Hill, Baltimore took the community’s attention by storm. The Kickstarter campaign that had the goal to raise $10,000 USD to finance a local composting program, infrastructure and educational program was supported by 200 backers and raised $10,799 USD.

Urban gardens will have a huge place in the cities of the future. Do you have an idea that supports urban gardening?

Glyncoch Community Centre

Community centers keep the cities alive, inspire togetherness, learning and collaboration, create jobs and have the power to reverse deprivation in the certain city area. Back in 2012, Louisa Addiscott launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build a brand new multi-purpose community center that creates an active hub for Glyncoch. The initiative was supported by 107 backers and raised in total £792,021.

Community centers are a great way to inspire learning and to make your city or neighborhood’s community more united. Do you have an idea for a community center that can re-shape or revive your local community?

Lava Mae

Transforming cities doesn’t end with transforming the landscape, ut also includes the transformation of the lives of the citizens. Lava Mae is a project that aims to provide mobile showers to the homeless. The Indiegogo campaign launched by Doniece Sandoval raised $51,806 USD by 459 backers. Currently, the Lava Mae initiative has the goal to unleash the mobile hygiene revolution as they allow anyone, anywhere to replicate the service by using their buildit toolkit.

Are you ready to make a difference in your city? Share your ideas with us!

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