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Book Your Place For A Luxury Hotel Holiday in Space

Space tourism company Orion Span launched a crowdfunding campaign for the luxury space hotel Aurora Station launching in 2022.

If you want to help finance the world’s first space hotel and be a part of the space tourism experience, now is the time. Orion Span is waiting for its first investors to build a space-based hotel through SeedInvest which is a equity-based crowdfunding platform.

Launching a crowdfunding campaign is an excellent opportunity for everyone to invest in this bright future, says Frank Bunger, founder and CEO of Orion Span.

Starting from $ 9.5 million per person, Orion Span’s 12-day trips will start in 2022. No wonder the price is so high for a luxury hotel in space.

Guests will be able to watch the earth from a distance of 320 kilometers, experience zero gravity, witness the aurora in the northern and southern spheres, take part in research experiments such as growing plant in space, (and take them home as a souvenir), and high-speed wireless internet access for sharing posts on Instagram.

Every guest needs to pay a deposit of $ 80,000. Even though the prices are high, Bunger says the demand is quite high as well: “When we introduced Aurora Station at the beginning of this year, we encountered an incredible demand. It’s not surprising at the moment because there’s so much excitement about space travel. We are excited to open this project to a wider audience and share this historical moment with everyone.”

In addition to the luxury accommodation at Aurora Station, Orion Span also plans to offer opportunities for space exploration and astronaut services. It is likely that the company will play a leading role in the prospect of colonization outside the Earth.

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