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Bluecup – The Refill Capsule That Minimizes The Global Environmental Disaster Caused By Single-serve Plastic Coffee Pods

Plastic waste plays a lead role in the global environmental disaster the negative impact of which is growing tremendously. The more we talk about this negative impact of our senseless consumption of harmful for the environment materials, the more and more people bet on making more environmentally cautious decisions.

We use plastic single-use products because they are convenient – it is easier, cheaper, and quicker. But the price we pay is much higher than we think. It is so easy to create unnecessary waste without even realizing it – the perfect example is the single-serve coffee capsules that we use on daily basis.

These small capsules may be convenient but have an overall disastrous impact on the environment as they create plastic and aluminum waste.

One startup has spotted the waste problem that single-serving coffee pods create and has found a sustainable solution to it. The best part is that you don’t have to give up your favorite Nespresso in order to live greener lives – you just need Bluecup.

Bluecup is an environmentally-friendly refill capsule that isn’t just saving you money but also allows you to choose your favorite blend of coffee. The Bluecup system contains refillable capsules, replaceable aluminum foils, a capsule creator and a specially-designed spoon to help you easily fill the capsules.

Why Bluecup is better?

Bluecup is the better, eco-friendly alternative to single-serving coffee pods as the capsules are reusable and can be used up to 100 times. It also saves you money as it costs merely one-third of the price you would pay for single-serving pods.

Bluecup allows you to fill the capsules with coffee of your own choice, so you can enjoy your favorite flavor or create a variety if you want. The system has several patented innovation, proving its uniqueness and breakthrough technology.

Bluecup creators took the project to crowdfunding and had a tremendous success – 298 backers pledged €22,395 to help bring this project to life.  The supporters were able to pledge €37 or more for the Starter kit, which includes – Capsule creator, Spoon, 4 refillable capsules, 200 foils, and 200gr ground espresso coffee.

Innovative products like Bluecup bring solutions to important problems and have the power to re-shape even multi-billion markets. Crowdfunding gives them the opportunity to jump-start their businesses by raising money through the collective power of the crowds.

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