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Blea Electric Surfboards Revolutionize Surfing

From electric cars through electric bikes to electric skateboards – e-transportation is becoming the real deal. Entrepreneurs look for inspiration and grasp the opportunities that the tech development brings to the business world and come up with significant ideas for other e-powered products.

Surfers and surfers-to-be now have the opportunity to up their surfing experience without compromising performance with Blea Electric Surfboards.

Blea Shark is the most affordable e-surfboard that allows you to surf anywhere at any time without to have to wait for the perfect weather. It is very easy to use – in just five minutes you will be able to operate the e-surfboard, saving you hours of practice.

Blea reaches up to 30 mph top speed, has a battery life of 1.5 hours, weights only 15 kg, and requires minimum specific maintenance.

Available at the best price for early bird supporters!

This cool product is available now at a special price for early bird supporters of its crowdfunding campaign. You are able to get your hand on the Blea Shark Performance (20 mph) for $2999 (50% off the retail price) for the first 50 backers and $3299 (40% off the retail price) for the first 100 backers.

Blea Shark Sport (30 mph) is available for super early bird backers at a price of $3999 (55% off the retail price) for the first 50 backers and of $4299 (52% off) for the first 100backers. Pretty sweet deals for such a great product, don’t you think?

Fifteen days before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, Blea has already raised US$ 107,915 by 29 backers. Way to go, Blea!

Cover photo credit: Kickstarter

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