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BedJet 3: Sleep Inducing Climate Control For Your Bed

BedJet has returned to crowdfunding scene. The new generation BedJet 3, which allows you to adjust the temperature of your bed as you like and get a quality sleep, has also received a great welcome by backers.

Just like in previous models, the BedJet 3 is powered by the engine you will place under your bed. It is connected to a nozzle under your sheet by a hose through which it blows air and creates turbulent air cushion a small cushion of turbulent air between the bedsheets.

With its mobile application you can preset the temperature according to your preference. It takes only 30 seconds for your bed to warm up or cool down.

BedJet’s patented biorhythm temperature technology provides programmable temperature control for every hour of the night. If two people in the room want to customize their settings, the Dual Zone system separates the air flow going to to each side of the bed. So if you have two BedJets, you can set the two sides of the bed to different temperatures.

The device also recognizes the natural biorhythm of your body and removes the need for an alarm clock. It does this by changing the core temperature of your body. Resetting your pre-programmed circadian reaction in your brain the device sends you a signal when to wake up.

In addition to the previous models, the BedJet 3 has a color display remote control, advanced mobile application and the ability to communicate via Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth. You can also control the device with voice commands via Alexa, without using any physical commands.

The BedJet 3 continues to attract great attention from users, just as it did in the previous crowdfunding adventures. Although the campaign is still 21 days to complete, the device has already raised over $670,000. The targeted funding for the project was only $28.000.

Pre-order prices start from $299 and the deliveries start in December. Here you can have a detailed look at the device.

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