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Autonomous Ship ‘Mayflower’ Will Cross The Atlantic

Many of us now know about autonomous vehicles, one of the most popular topics on the technology agenda. From cars to drones we are surrounded by unmanned vehicles. Add another one to them: Autonomous ship.

A fully autonomous ship called Mayflower is being built by a UK-based team, with help from tech firm IBM. Mayflower will launch from Plymouth in the UK in September 2020. IBM is providing artificial intelligence systems for the ship.

The name come from the pilgrim ship which brought European settlers to America in 1620. Of course, this journey is not just a representative commemoration. Mayflower will pass on her research on solar, wave and wind energy on the go. It will also allow you to update the navigation database. All these studies will provide a wide range of data to universities.

Concept design of Mayflower autonomous ship

Although Mayflower provides the energy needed for its movement with its sails in a primitive way, the direction mechanism contains the latest technology products. In such cases, it can call the center via satellite phone in case of problems. The tech systems assisting Mayflower are such:

– Light detecting and ranging (LIDAR)
– Radio detecting and ranging (RADAR)
– Global Positioning System (GPS)
– Satellites
– Cameras

Mayflower, which attracts attention with its futuristic design, can be a turning point for autonomous ships if it completes its journey successfully. This project, which is also the first, can legally pave the way for autonomous vessels. In the near future we can make our sea voyages without captains.

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