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Autonomous Bicycle To Show China’s Chip Design Capabilities

Recently we have witnessed the rise of autonomous vehicles. It is possible to say that this technology will mark the coming period. As we often read the news about driverless cars, we are facing a new self-driving vehicle: An autonomous bicycle.

Artificial intelligence continues to lead to significant changes in our lives. The recently produced driverless bike also has the support of this technology. The autonomous bike, developed by researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing, can stand and move on its own, and automatically turn around obstacles.

Another feature of the driverless bike is maneuverability. Responding to commands to accelerate, slow down and turn left or right, the bike seems to offer interesting experiences to drivers. A small AI chip mounted on the rear wheel of the bike makes all these features available.

This technology was used as a joke until three years ago. Preparing a video for April’s Fool, Google suggested that it created a self-riding bike. Today, the driverless bike project has become real.

Chinese researchers working on this technology use a gyroscope to measure stability to keep the bike upright and a camera to detect obstacles in its path. In addition, the microphone is used to receive voice commands from the driver and a speed sensor can detect how fast it goes.

Can Control Stability And Maintains Steering

This is a fascinating example of a multipurpose programmable artificial intelligence chip. It is able to control the balance, detect obstacles in front of the bike and at the same time maintain steering.

Autonomous bicycle is a step to make artificial intelligence more beneficial for our daily lives. The chip also hints at the progress China is making in developing its own chip design capabilities. China has long struggled to build its own chip industry but now they are showing they can make specialized AI chips as well as anyone.

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