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Aspara: Grow Fresh Vegetables And Herbs At Home

There is a smart solution for those who want to grow plants but do not have a garden. The smart device called Aspara allows you to grow fresh vegetables and plants in your home.

It’s not always possible to build a garden and grow vegetables at home. Most homes don’t have enough space for it or they don’t have the right conditions for planting. And for many people, growing plants at home may seem a complex and intimidating task. However, Aspara makes it possible for everyone to grow vegetables, even on the kitchen counter, whether they are experienced or not.

Aspara is defined as a hydroponic indoor smart garden designed specifically to enable users to grow fresh and healthy vegetables and herbs. The smart garden has LED lights, automatic watering system and advanced sensors to provide the right nutrients and lighting your vegetables need. With the smartphone application, you can easily access everything about your plants.

The developers of Aspara have launched a crowdfunding campaign to realize this smart product. And there is still time until the campaign ends, they have already reached their funding goal. The smart garden with pre-order prices starting at $ 329 will be delivered to its owners from April 2019.

For more details, you can visit the project’s crowdfunding page here.

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