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Arrim One – The World’s First Professional AR Measuring Device for Your Smartphone

With the growing number of apps, tools, and devices we are able to turn our smartphones in almost anything the interest in such a technology grows tremendously. We use our smartphones as alarms, speakers, cameras, flashlights, GPS, even smartphone 3D printers. Why not use them as something very practical like professional AR multi-functioning measuring and leveling device?

Arrim One is exactly that – it is the world’s first measuring and leveling device that you can use with your smartphone. It really works! And is very simple to use: you just need to attach the device to your smartphone and it automatically transforms the phone into a measuring device.

The device is multi-functional. With it, you are able to measure the dimensions of straight lines, circles, angles and curves through your smartphone. It also works as a leveling and dividing tool. Additional functions include continuous measurement, curves, and unit conversion.

The device itself stands out with its simplicity – it has only one physical button that works as the on/off switch. With Arrim One you are able to use the measuring system of your choice as it supports both Imperial and Metric Unit System. Basically, you are able to measure in ft, inch, yard, mm, cm, and m.

The high level of accuracy that the device provides is a result of using a series of high-end technologies including Augmented Reality, virtual 3D coordinate system, characteristic point tracker, and phase-shift laser measurement.

A Crowdfunding Success Story

Arrim One was very well-received by the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign the founders run. By the end of the campaign on July 23, 2018, it was 1368% overfunded with $276,270 USD total funds raised. The pre-order deal for iPhone and Android users was at a price point of $89 USD. The pre-orders are with the estimated delivery date October 2018.

Cover photo credit: Gadget Flow

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