Arıkovanı Starts a Project Challenge for High School Students!

We note the 19th of May, the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day with a special challenge for high school students.

As Arıkovanı mission is to strengthen the entrepreneurial scene in Turkey and to foster the support of projects via crowdfunding, this year the platform notes the 19th of May Youth and Sports Day with a special focus on projects created by high school students.

Introducing ArıCoin – Support Projects Created by Our Youth!

To get involved and give your support to the young people, who are exploring their entrepreneurial potential is very easy – you just need to and explore the projects on the main page.

You are able to back any project that you like by using the ArıCoin currency that you will be given after you become a member of Arıkovanı. If the projects you supported become one of the top 3, a special surprise will be waiting for you as well.

Young entrepreneurs are awaiting your support at Come and join them (and us) on a fascinating crowdfunding journey!

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