Arıkovanı Projects Turn Kids’ Summer Into A Creativity Festival

We are leaving behind another education period. With the excitement of the report card day, plans started to be made. So, do you want your child to spend a summer full of science and technology? With the help of the projects crowdfunded on Arıkovanı, you can make your child’s summer an experiential and creative festival.

Summer is a very precious period for students. In this period, as well as relaxing and enjoying the holiday, educational activities are also very important. There are many technologies developed to provide this. Now, let us inform you about the products that will benefit your children.

Alya 3D Printer

Alya 3D printer is designed to help children develop their creativity by creating their own fun and healthy toys. In the production of Alya, PLA material which is soluble in nature and sensitive to environmental pollution is preferred. PLA is obtained from starch-like plants such as corn, wheat and sugar cane. Thus it does not harm your children’s health.

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Bulut Board – Coding Kit for Children

Built on an open-source software and hardware platform, Bulut Board aims to provide kids with better and more interesting coding and electronic learning experience. Children don’t need any coding knowledge in order to use the learning kit. Bulut Board is a coding and electronic educational kit that contains many application modules such as light, temperature, microphone, distance, graphic display, Bluetooth etc. which affect all the senses of children. The kit allows the children to do funny applications by allowing them to interplay the modules with each other on the Bulut Board.

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MAKEY 2.0 – Modular Electronic Puzzle

Makey is a structure block library connected to each other with magnets in which each one carries out a specific electronic function. In the library there are 95+ modules under six different categories, or in other words six different colors. You can combine different blocks according to the project you want to make to develop robots, vehicles and projects with different functions.

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